Just like an expert bartender mixes flavors together to excite your taste buds, SHAKIN' and STIRRED blends hit songs and high jinks together to create intoxicating live shows that excite all your other senses.


The key ingredients in the band's recipe:

  • High Energy - When the music stops, crowds lose interest. SHAKIN' and STIRRED blends together dance songs to keep people on the dance floor longer.  Set lists are also strategically designed to keep up the crowd's energy level and avoid show breaks during times when people typically think about leaving the club.
  • Audience Interaction - Live shows feature interactions to make the crowd part of the show.


SHAKIN' and STIRRED keeps your event or venue jumping with favorite hit songs from the past 3 decades. There is something for every party audience that will leave them shakin' and stirred.




The SHAKIN' and STIRRED party band performs at many Central Ohio area night clubs, bars, private events, weddings and outdoor fesitvals.  



JENNA GLENN - vocals

Our new lead singer starting in 2023. Jenna Kristina Glenn has been singing since she could walk. With pipes like that it comes as no surprise that record companies came calling early. Jenna has a record on Spotify and Apple music from PMG with Universal. She has been in the Columbus music scene for the past 15 years. When she is not Shakin and Stirrin’ on stage you can find her Shakin and Stirrin behind the bar as a veteran bartender for the past 12 years. She may not remember your name, but she’ll know your favorite drink!

GARY RICE - bringin' dat funky bass

Gary is a well-traveled bassist who has performed all over the world from Germany, Japan, Greece, Italy, Korea, Ireland, and across the U.S.A. as a member of the Air Force TopsInBlue and as a former Navy Musician. He has performed various styles of music but loves nothing more than bringing the funk and making booty’s shake on the dance floor. By day, he works in the IT department at OSU and when it’s time for a drink, he prefers bourbon neat.


Follow him on instagram @dirtyriceproductions

CLEVE BROWN SR. - rockin' the beat on drums 

Cleve is da' man keeping the beat steady. He's the newest member of the band and we are excited to have him recently join us. 

TYLER EVE - ticklin' the ivories on keys

Tyler has been playing keys for 27 years. He loves playing funky dance and hip-hop music, which is ironic because his dance moves consist mostly of finger guns and pelvic thrusts. He's played with the Rocketmen, Flytown and several other cover bands. By day, he works in human resources and by night he flys around in a Batman cape. (OK, that last bit isn't true...mostly). His favorite adult drink is Sprite with cherries. (Which we are pretty sure is called a Shirley Temple, BTW.)


Follow him on instagram @tyleraeve

SEAN SVENDSEN - vocals (special events)



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